Define and give several examples of the different aspects of a Niche.


A niche is all the things an organism eats and interacts with within its habitat.  A birdís niche would be the kind of berries or seeds it eats, the kind of tree and height on that tree that it lives, the materials it uses to build its nest, and the other organisms that it needs to survive.



A niche is all the aspects and resources an organism needs to survive.  The needs are all very specific:  what they need for food, mating, shelter, protection, etc.  To survive, birds need specific kinds of food such as berries and nuts, they need certain types of trees to nest in because of height and other things.  Some birds need to be surrounded by other animals to protect them from predators that would kill and eat them.



A niche is the part of a habitat an organism uses and the resource it needs to obtain.  For example, birds in the rain forest all eat fruit and perch on trees, but the size of fruit they eat and where the perch or rest on trees is their niche.  The area an ant lives and the type of food they eat and where they find it is their niche.



A niche is a specific habitat of an organism.  Several aspects of a niche can be survival, population, food, and climate.



A niche is a specific home of an organism.  Example:  my aquarium.



A niche is the specific things an organism needs to survive.  A niche has a place for resting, the right food, water, other organisms of the same species (mate), the right climate, and the right topography.  One example of a niche is with pigeons.  There may be many types of pigeons living in one place but they can live at different levels in a tree and eat different types of food.  Each level is a niche.