FREE SHIPPING!  Ship your press cane seats to Steve's Chair Caning Service and we will ship your seats back to you free of charge. This offer is of limited time value and will end at the discretion of the Steve's Chair Caning Service.  We will replace the cane for just $70.00 per seat including matching the color!  Just unscrew your Breuer chair seats from the metal frame and ship.  Tap off the seat to any "Press Back" chair and ship, even bentwood chair seats can easily be unscrewed from the frame and shipped.  Everything  is shipped back insured. Discount coupons do not apply to this press seat special offer. All color matching will be to the best of our ability, please do not expect the color to match old faded colors. If you have several seats please number each seat (and the corresponding frame) before shipping, this will save you a headache later!   Please click on the pattern links below or click Prices to find more information about caning prices and patterns. Please email: if you have any further questions or inquiries.

What is press cane or sheet cane?

Press cane is a pre-woven cane.  It comes in several patterns but the most common is the simple six-way pattern found on most chairs.  It is prepared by soaking in hot water, then stretched across the opening , "tucked" into an edge groove, and then glued and secured with a wooden "spline" or wooden strip which is forced into the groove.  Left to dry it naturally tightens even more and is then colored if necessary.  You can tell if a seat is press cane by simple looking to see if there are holes drilled through the frame.  If there are no holes then it is a press cane seat.  If it has holes it is usually a hand cane seat or chair and needs to be hand caned.  Under certain circumstances an old hand cane chair has been "converted" to a press cane chair by having a groove routered or chiseled out along the holes in the frame.  Unfortunately the chair has to be done as press cane.



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